Our Programs

At Star Therapeutics, we offer center-based programs that integrate therapy and classroom skills in one.

Imagination Preschool

Lakewood’s premier integrated preschool, carefully designed for children ages 2-5, who can benefit from a language-rich program focused on childhood development, using seamless intervention with in-class customization.

  • Play-based learning model
  • NJ State curriculum standards
  • Torah-based education
  • Going into our 5th year


A comprehensive afternoon program designed for school-aged boys in first through fourth grades, with high functioning ASD.

  • Integrated learning model
  • Grade level English academics
  • Behavioral skills development
  • Social skills development

Sunday Social Clubs

Our social clubs for boys and girls, ages 4-10 are carefully designed to foster problem solving, social interaction, initiation skills, and confidence.

  • Led by skilled BCBAs and therapists.
  • Exciting activities including art and sports
  • Great social environment
  • Social skills development

Summer Programs

Camp Govoha

An exciting integrated boys camp for first through fifth grades,  consisting of learning, wilderness, trips, swimming and sports!

  • Interventions that work on social and executive functioning skills. 
  • Planned by skilled BCBAs and trained Rebbeyim using the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis and social skills training.
  • Talented staff promotes the acquisition of social skills and confidence while having fun with friends.

Camp Little Stars

Language-rich, summertime therapy program for preschoolers ages 2-5. 

  • Led by skilled Special Educators, Occupational and Speech Therapists.
  • Exciting trips and activities,
  • Hands on activities for experiential learning.
  • Language, motor, and social skills development.